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💝 Zeekers Danz舞蹈館#Giveaway免費街舞課堂等緊你💝做齊3️⃣步就有機會中奬🎉

Zeekers Danz舞蹈館#Giveaway免費街舞課堂 有機會中奬

💝 Zeekers Danz舞蹈館 #Giveaway免費街舞課堂等緊你💝做齊3步就有機會中奬🎉

⚡️Zeekers Danz GIVEAWAY限定奬品


A🎁Zeekers Danz 成人舞蹈8堂(價值HKD$900) X 1名

B🎁Zeekers Danz 大學生舞蹈8堂(價值HKD$760) X 1名

C🎁Zeekers Danz 中小學生舞蹈8堂(價值HKD$700) X 1名

D🎁Zeekers Junior 兒童舞蹈4堂(價值HKD$800) X 1名



〰️💨Follow IG/FB Page @zeekersdanz

〰️❤️Like 點讚➕Share分享➡️ IG 或 FB原POST

FB Post Link:

〰️💭Tag 2位朋友➕Comment留言➡️選【🎁A/B/C/D】邊個Offer

‼️以上Cap圖 Sent WhatsApp到Zeekers(6383 2490) 為準



〰️ 活動時間:2024年1月2日- 2月2日 23:59

〰️ 得獎公佈:2024年2月6日

〰️ 領獎日期:2024年2月12日前聯絡Zeekers⚡️否則作廢

‼️所有優惠使用需合乎條款及細則,如有任何爭議Zeekers Danz 保留最終決定權


💝 #Giveaway 💝Lucky Draw For Lucky Winner🎉

Follow 3 steps, and you will have a chance to win🎉

A🎁 Zeekers Danz Adult 8 Dance Class (HKD$900) X 1

B🎁 Zeekers Danz University/College Student 8 Dance Class (HKD$760) X 1

C🎁 Zeekers Danz Primary/Secondary School Students 8 Dance Class (HKD$700) X 1

D🎁 Zeekers Junior Kids 4 Dance Class (HKD$800) X 1


📱How to JOIN

〰️💨Follow IG/FB Page @zeekersdanz

〰️❤️Like➕Share➡️ IG or FB original POST

〰️💭Tag 2 friends➕Comment➡️

【Want an offer from 🎁A/B/C/D】

‼️Cap the above photos and WhatsApp it to Zeekers



〰️ Event Time: January 2, 2024 - February 2, 23:59🔚

〰️ Winner Announcement: February 6, 2024

〰️ Prize Collection Date: Contact Zeekers⚡️Before February 12, 2024. Otherwise, it will be void

‼️Offer must be used following the terms and conditions. In case of dispute, Zeekers Danz reserves the right to a final decision


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