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【A-Stage Kick-Start Project 】 Beginners level Pre-training 基礎訓練課堂


【A-Stage Kick-Start Project】⚡️初階基礎訓練課堂⚡️


.為初學者而設,由淺入深的訓練課堂,為更高舞蹈目標進行前期訓練 .課堂核心以舞蹈基礎訓練為主,透過持續鍛煉基本功、舞步及提升音樂感,鞏固舞蹈基礎 .優秀學員可經推薦晉升至【A-Stage 舞蹈員/練習生訓練課程】



A-Team 逢星期二 5:30-7pm
逢星期六 2:30-4pm

■ 參加者資格 .18歲以下 .舞齡不拘

■ 報名方法 WhatsApp/Signal:6383 2490 Email : 請提供姓名、年齡及註明報名參加【A-Stage Kick-Start Project】

訓練課堂收費及詳情請DM Whatsapp/Signal 6383 2490查詢


【A-Stage Kick-Start Project】

.Designed for beginners, a pre-training for higher dance goals
.This program is focus on basics training, improve dancing skills, rhythm sense and body development through practicing foundation and routine.
.Instructor will recommend outstanding students move on to【A-Stage Dancer/Trainee Training】


Class Time: 

A-Team Every Tuesday 5:30-7pm

B-Team Every Tuesday 5:30-7pm

■ Participant qualifications .Under age 18
.Any dance age

■ How to apply WhatsApp/Signal: 6383 2490 Email : Please provide name, age and indicate to sign up for
【A-Stage Kick-Start Project】

Whatsapp/Signal 6383 2490 for training course fees and details

There can be changes in schedule due to social distancing measures, students need to aware and follow the latest arrangement.

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