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A-Stage娛樂是隸屬Zeekers Danz於2021年成立的部門,自2009年以來一直通過我們的結構化培訓系統來訓練和培養人才。A-Stage 系列的訓練系統及課程安排更加是進一步集中培訓學員表演力及協助他們向更高演藝目標夢想進發!

A-Stage entertainment is a section which established in 2021 by Zeekers Danz., focus on training and nurturing talents with our structured training system since 2009. The main training of the A-Stage series which train up trainees and assist students with aspirations to pursue higher performing arts goals!



Zeekers Danz Production 創立於2009年,是香港著名專業舞蹈學校及娛樂製作公司,過往與多間知名韓國娛樂公司合作及舉辦香港區選秀,當中包括JYP、SM、更是HYBE-Belift Lab全球選秀香港區嘅唯一合作公司。
Zeekers 專業舞蹈老師團隊過往已培訓出多名優秀舞蹈精英。亦會籌辦遊學團帶同學員到韓國、日本進修及練習生體驗,參與不同類型表演、比賽!更是香港區 K-POP Cover Dance Festival舞蹈比賽表演嘉賓!舞蹈訓練實力非凡!
憑藉多年經驗,本校編製的 A-Stage Entertainment系列舞蹈訓練系統有效發掘及提升學員之表演實力。

Founded in 2009, Zeekers Danz Production is a well-known professional dance school and entertainment production company in Hong Kong. In the past, it has cooperated with many famous Korean entertainment companies and organized Hong Kong contests, including JYP, SM, and even the HYBE-Belift Lab global contest Hong Kong The only cooperative company in the district. The Zeekers professional dance teacher team has trained many outstanding dance elites in the past. Study tours will also be organized to bring students to Korea and Japan for further study and trainee experience, participating in different types of performances and competitions! It is also a guest performer at the K-POP Cover Dance Festival dance competition in Hong Kong! The dance training is extraordinary! With many years of experience, the A-Stage Entertainment series dance training system developed by our school effectively explores and enhances the performance ability of our trainees.

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