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Zeekers Junior Terms & Conditions 條款及細則

- 本公司接受現金、銀行轉賬、FPS、EPS、PAYME(HKD$100以上可用)付款,請於上堂前繳付學費;已繳費用除因課程取消外,概不退還。

Zeekers Danz Production receive payment by cash, ATM, FPS, EPS & PAYME(HKD$100 or Above).Payment should be made before lessons, instead of the cancellation of the course , course fee will not be returned.

- 每個課程只可請假一次,補堂為順延一星期
  Student can only ask for leave once for each course. Make up class will be postponed for one week only

- 學員已報名之課程不能更改或取消

  Enrolled courses can not be changed or cancelled

- 學生証不能轉讓,只有報名者才可上堂。上課前請出示學生証,以便檢查及紀錄,職員有權拒絕未能出示學生證之人仕進入課室。學生証如有    遺失須繳付$ 20補領

  Students’ courses cannot be transferred to others, please bring and show your member card to our staffs before lessons. A HKD$20      administration will be caused for member card replacement

- 本公司有權更改課程,上課時間,導師及學費,而不作另行通知

  Zeekers Danz Production has the right to change or update the type of dance style, schedule, dance tutors and the fee without any notice


- 本公司有權取消報名人數未乎理想之課程,如取消課程會於最小兩小時前通知

  Zeekers Danz Production has to right to cancel the class if there is not enough booking, notice is issued in 2hours advance


- 進行課堂時,學員如有不適,請通知在導師或職員

  During the lesson, please notice the tutor or the staff if you do not feel well


- 若不遵照導師之指示及學員之疏忽或體能欠佳,而引致在上課期如有任何意外及傷亡,本公司不負責

 Please follow dance tutors instructions. Zeekers Danz Production will not be responsible for any accident which is caused by students’  careless or personal medical problem


- 當天文台在上課時間或上課時間前兩小時發出黑色暴雨警告,八號颱風訊號,課程將會取消,學生無須上課

 When Typhoon Signal 8 or above, Black Rain Storm Signal is appears before 2 hours of the class, class will becancelled


- 請小心保管個人財物,本公司將不負責任何財物之損失

 Please take care of your personal belongings, we will not be responsible for any loss or damage of your personal property


- 舞蹈室內嚴禁進食

 Eating is not allow in the dancing area


- 課堂/課程需在購買後一個月內開始使用,如客戶購買課堂/課程後一直未有啓用,課堂/課程開始日期將於購買日起計一個月後自動開始起計,  有效日期亦會根據所購之課堂/課程計算, 逾期作廢

 All courses should activate within one month from the date of payment


- 學生在本中心上課或參與演出之照片將定期上傳至本中心網絡或作宣傳用途 

 Zeekers Danz Production has the right to take photos or videos for promotion use



 In case of disputes, Zeekers Danz reserves the rights of final decision, including suspending, terminating or changing details of The Activity  and its terms and conditions without prior notice.

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